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From the very childhood I had a dream to be a great high-experienced photograph, that’s why when I was a little girl my parents presented me my first camera (surely it was film camera as it was almost 20 years ago), then I had my first job and dreamed about Olympus when in 1990 new first in the world ulrtalight compact completely automatic camera “m”-series saw the world, I was hung up on it. I was working many hours to reach it.

Afterwards I had a great number of different devices (film and digital) but unfortunately I didn’t follow my dream and now I have my own business, I am the owner of the electronic shops. I have a family and I am happy but I will never become a professional camera clicker.

My business prevented me from my dream come true, but I’m still interested in taking photos, another words I am amateur.

Maybe from the very beginning you are thinking what for this picture on the top, I understand that. And this entire preamble I wrote in order you better to understand me.

So, this wordpress photo blog theme (what clever words!) I have found surfing different blog designs. I am not a designer and I am not going to judge the technical side of this wordpress photo blog theme but I liked it very much and decided to share my it with people who are interested in these things. Actually first of all I decided to create a blog for those who are taking photos and does not matter whether professionally or just spend time.

To be frank this spontaneous idea made me feel happy maybe because that is a part of me, my childhood and desire. I didn’t search a lot but when I saw this one I liked it much. Actually this wordpress photo blog theme has nothing special the best-looking I found its header because I adore taking photos of people and nature. ThereI found some other wordpress photo blog theme but to put them here… I decided not to do this but you can look it through if you fall over it.

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