Laptop Hard Drive Crash: How Do I know?

Do laptop hard drives really fail? Several computer users have asked themselves these question and more other questions about there laptops. Here are some facts about computers and their components.

One in Five computers suffers a fatal hard drive crush during their lifetime!

A computer hard drive crashes after every 15 seconds.

25% of lost data is due to the failure of portable drive.

15% or more of laptops in Kenya only suffer hard drive failure!

These facts and others sound an alarm on how we should take care of our beloved machines especially laptops, and in deed they answer the question” Do laptop hard drives fail”. But how do you know when your laptop hard drive has actually failed?

This question is quite related to another hypothetical question such as “how do you tell when a living thing is dead?” well, I am sure that every one has a handful of answers to that question. But it’s the same thing with a laptop that has a failed hard drive. When you boot your machine and there on your screen you see a blue screen of death is one symptom of a dead machine. Another scenario is when your system displays fatal errors such as “No boot device, Primary hard drive not installed or Operating System Not fond”,

These are common errors that are displayed when your hard drive is dead or is a bout to fail. Note that the last three errors could be as a result of poor connection of the hard disk.

Some times we boot our laptops and the only thing we hear is some funny noise produced by the laptop. The cause of such noise is a failed hard drive or a failing hard disk. What produces the noise is usually the read/write head of the hard drive that is having difficulty in reading from corrupt sectors of the platters.

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