Dens2 is a client registration software for dental clinic.

Dens2 allows to track client records, plan appointments for clients and staff working hours. The software completely replaces registration book, makes the process of client registration faster and easier. It also allows analyzing the statistics for the cabinet.

Dens2 features:

  • Enter, keep and change client records;
  • Enter data about work (consultation, treatment, etc.) and change them;
  • Easily coordinate appointment time, doctor, duration, type, etc.;
  • Enter and coordinate working time schedule of doctors, assistants and registrators for week, month and other period;
  • See, work and analyze in convenient graphical form:
  • Appointment schedule for week, months and other period;
  • Detailed appointment schedule for each work place;
  • Week schedule for the whole clinic.
  • Register and analyze client calls;
  • Save information about work planned for the client;
  • Keep and organize pictures of client teeth;
  • Analyze data statistically:
  • Client calls, appointments, no-shows, etc.;
  • Working time for doctors, assistants and registrators;
  • Statistics of work being done by type.

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